Sunday, March 30, 2008

I look SOOO good naked!

Those were the magic words I needed to hear, and he said them, without prompting. (BTW, he said I look good naked, he wasnt talking about himself)

I went to Mike's at around 6:30, and he made a yummy Indian-y dish, then we ate some Chinese candy and watched a cute Korean movie. When we put the movie in, his hands went right to the boobs, and stayed there most of the night, and the next day.

It was a sexy, but mysterious night. His pants stayed on the whole time, and I was down to my undies only. He hardly let me touch the little guy, when he did let me I can say it was a good enough size, not huge, but not tiny. I was worried it might be, which I could live with, but prefer it isnt. It was thick though :)

So my guess is he is shy. This is what he told me, and I can understand, I don't like recieving oral sex, and I am sure it partially comes from shyness too. I am willing to wait to let him relax. I appreciate getting my own time to relax too. And who can complain about having a man rub and caress her for hours with little reciprocation expected.

I am a little concerned because he said "this is better than sex." I guess a guy thinking foreplay is better than sex is a nce change from the tons of men who on't even know what foreplay is, but I just hope I will get some eventually. The difference between this and Charles is I didn't even like kissing Charles that much. I loved kissing Mike and laying skin to skin with him. And he doesnt snore like a motorboat. And he is American.

A funny thing is, I dreamt that I was dating Marilyn Manson, but then he tried to give me some drugs and I said "No. I don't do drugs, the only drugs I do are the psychotropic ones. I guess that means we have different lifestyles" and it was a sad breakup. Ha ha!

I had a good night and morning. :) I like him, and he also said "I like you" (without prompting) AND he said he likes my voice, AND, 0f course, that I "look great naked" which is the greatest thing I could hear, ever. Ladies...are you a little overweight? Find yourself a "boob man" and I dont mean this:

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