Friday, March 21, 2008

NOooooooo! I cant stop myself

I need to leave on-------------SCRATCH THAT!

Oh, I was freaking out so much! I thought I would have no days to finish cleaning up for my new roommate, but I just discovered I have monday off, PHEW!

I want to take a nap so bad, (I was up until 3 central time for the THIRD night in a row!!!) But I thought this was my last day to clean, which freaked me out. But now I realize I have monday left, and interestingly, now that the pressure is off, I don't feel as tired :)

I am nervous. Tomorrow I am supposed to start a 5K running clinic, then go to a training at work, then go on my date with Mike! Thats ALOT in one day. I am thinking of cancelling the running clinic, but on the other hand, I think it might GIVE me energy, so I may keep that in.

I went to Target today and made a great realization. I have to wear XXL shirts & dresses, which makes me feel like shit. I am fat, but I didn't think I was too fat to shop in normal stores. Well I just discovered today, that in skirts I am a size 12! Maybe that is a vanity size, but it makes me feel much better. I need the XXL shirts because of my redonkulous rack, not because I have expaned that much over the years. All that has changed much throughout the years is I have discovered that I am an XXL in shirts. I used to wear L or XL, and I popped out of them like a sausage.

I did buy a skirt (XL, but too big- there was no L) and got my brows and bikini waxed. I have made a decision to stop getting brazillians as often, and I especially will always keep the hair in the front. I think having hair on there is like a new political statement. It says "I am NOT a member of this new MTV generation" I am a member of the "Puck" MTV generation. I am a member of the Martha Quinn MTV generation. I am a member of the Remote Control MTV generation. I am NOT a member of the Tila Tequila MTV generation. My generation had hair on our mons pubis damn it! LONG LIVE PUBES!!!!

So now that the pressure is off (to clean, not to wax off my pubic hair,) I no longer feel like I am going to pass out. I swear I am mildly narcoleptic. I get SO TIRED when I am stressed, like a little infant after being overstimulated. So maybe I will play online a little longer, then try on outfits for our date :) I cant wait.

(BTW, my waxer says the restaurant is not exceptionally fancy/expensive, but its still fancy to me :) )

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