Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Why oh why did I wait until the last minute???

As if I am back in college, it is 10 at night, and I am STARTING my homework for recurrant training now. And of course I am learning there is a lot more to do. When I was finally getting into it I got an e-mail from a guy I went on a date with on sunday.

I really liked him. He was smart and nice and cute. But when we said goodbuy I got the stiffest hug and he seemed to run away. So I was confused. But that same night I got an e-mail from him asking me out for next week, and at 2AM he sent a cute overanalytical e-mail about something I said. The next day (monday) I wrote him back in the morning, and I have not heard a thing from him until now, and all he sent was a message that he would like to reschedule until monday.

He is an engineer (read:nerd), and his parents are from China, so maybe he has a different communication style, but I still feel dissatisfied. Communication is needed to keep me interested. I have been thinking of him, so he should be thinking of me too if he's actually interested.

So now I feel anxious about tomorrow, and pissed about the guy. I feel like I have dated too much this year. It sucks so much to get my hopes up over and over.

Other news:

-Kelsey "90210 friend" texted me the other day, as if she never blew me off after I said I wouldnt move in with her, I never responded back

-Half Brazilian/Half Argentine man said he was coming to my city on Saturday, but because I sense he is bad for me (not enough attention- hes "just not that into me") I cancelled with him. I half lied and told him I was going to visit my friend's twins. I am, but saturday was not for sure. He never responded.

-I put a new fat picture of me on my myspace, and hot as hell pilot didnt respond to a message I sent him. Hmmmmm.

-I feel like there is more news. Hmmm, well I am having breathing problems and even chest and back pains lately. I have had them for months but now they are worse. I intended to go to the doctor this week but procrastinated, kind of like what I am doing now.

I am so sad about that boy. Even if he likes me I feel frustrated, kind of like the way things were with Charles. Another smarty-boy. ERRRR.

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