Saturday, March 29, 2008

I am mad at Mike!

This is how pre-menstrual I am.

I am mad at Mike (already.) We have been on 3 dates, and only on the third date did I know he liked me. Then we made out on that 3rd date. Yet, there is very little communication between dates. He doesn't like the phone, which is fine, neither do I, but there are few e-mails either.

I could e-mail him, but anything easy to get is bad. Being too available is the quickest way to get a guy to lose interest.

So he gets me this easily? Seems unfair to me. I deserve more attention. It's not that I need the attention, what I need is the connection. If not, my mind wanders.

I do think he might be a little bad at dating, but I am just SO GUN SHY after the Charles situation. When I asked him to write more, told him thats what I NEEDED from him, his response was "we will deal with that when I get back to the US" 5 months apart and he couldnt even give me detailed e-mails. His mom had typhoid, and he didnt even turn to me. It still smarts, and it's been a year. A guy who was terrible in bed still has my heart in his hands. I have dated more than ever these last 2 years, but the heartbreak from that is the one that stays with me.

I don't ever want to be taken for granted like that again. After 5 years maybe its a little more acceptable, but we just started out. I am going to give it time for him to warm up, open up more, but I dont want to go through that again. Even if it is with a perfect man.

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