Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Smitten (AKA Date Number 2)

St. Patrick's day was date number 2 with the boy. What do I name him? Maybe Mike. Yeah, I will call him Mike. You are saying "But didn't he move to the US from China when he was 8? Why wouldn't you give him a Chinese name. But his name is western. I don't know if that is his name given at birth, but I do know that it is an old tradition for Chinese people (and maybe other Asians) moving to the US to adopt western names, easier to pronounce and less "othering" than Chinese names.

So Mike. MMMM. Well, we were going to go bike riding, but mother nature stepped in and snowed. I was sad, but okay with it because I haven't filled the air in my tires yet. So we agreed to see "No Country For Old Men" (Which of course, was great)

So things were different than they were the first date. We all have many personnas, and I think I have more distinct ones, because I am sort of shy and self concious (or maybe I am more aware of them.)

On the first date it was the core me going out with him. The sweet Diana. The soft underbelly girl who likes science. On date two it was the more well known Diana, a little more brash, sarcastic, telling lots of jokes. I want to be the softy Diana more often, but I don't often find myself in that mindset when socializing, especially with someone I don't know. But I like the way it feels to be the jokey, slightly cynical Diana. I feel in control. It's nice that I could show both sides of me, because they are both authentically me, so he needs to like both parts.

So remember, I hadn't at this point been certian of his feelings for me. I imagined he liked me, but the hug was so stiff, I couldn't assume. He insists on paying for both the movie and treats, so I am guessing that is a good sign we are not wandering into "friend" territory.

The movie is great, we watch the first half and at one point I swear he shoved my arm off the armrest! At first I was like "huh?" and left my arm on my lap, but then I decided to shove him back. I shoved his arm and he ended up holding my hand. I warned him that I have talons, and this movie kept scaring me, so he was at risk of injury. But he wrapped my hand in a ball and put his hand around it. MMMM zexy! Quiet dominance. Not to submit that easily I did a lot of sensual twisting with my hands, including brushing his fingers with the tips of my nails, which I assumed was doing the job, because when he put his arm around me I could hear his heart beating.

After the movie I mentioned I had things to do, but I suggested coffee. He seemed reluctant, and wanted to get stuff done to, so there was no coffee. We drove to my house and at the end I lingered a short second, giving him a chance to make a move, but I got diddly squat. So I opened the car door and he said "wait" and handed me a mp3 disk he made of "This American Life." Yall, I LOVE This American Life. I LOVE NPR and This American Life is my favorite show on NPR. So either this guy remembered that little tidbit about me, or he could figure me out enough that he thought I would like it. Either way, he comes out smelling like a rose. I was so happy to get that. I said "Can I give you a kiss?" and I guess I was planning to just give him a peck, or maybe some "church tounge" but thats it. But he went for the whole shabang. He was not a bad kisser, there were a few teeth bumps but that is work-withable. The kiss lasted a long time, and I finally pulled away. (he would have kept going) I said "Ha ha, you're the one who didn't want to have coffee" thanked him, and went to my apartment and put in the disk.

So...he likes me as more than a friend. And he can kiss. So things are looking ok. :) For date 3 he suggested a specific sushi restaurant. I looked at it online- it looks expensive! I don't think of myself as a materialistic person but it made me feel good that he suggested that. It makes me fell valued for some reason. When he suggested a free zoo as a first date (didn't cost either of us a penny) I didn't feel de-valued, but somehow a fancy restaurant makes me feel nice. I am excited, its the kind where you stand by the grill and watch the guy chop stuff up :)

Ok, I have to run, I should be at my plane in 5 minutes- oops!

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