Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Dangers Of Splenda/Sucralose

It is very possible and very likely that splenda isn't healthy, especially in large quantities. Of course it isn't because I love it, and it tastes yummy and helps me keep my weight down (maybe)

Well I was researching online to see if I can use Propel to help keep myself hydrated when using Alli, and I found some page full of horror stories about the evil Splenda.

What I found really annoying about this page is it completely missed the point. People were having terrible reactions to it, but all that proves is they have an intolerance or allergy to it. Many people are allergic to shellfish, or intolerant to Gluten, does this mean we should make Cheerios illegal? Or take away the FDA approval of selling oysters??? Of course not.

Testimonials can create an emotional reaction, but they are proof of nothing. The only thing we should believe is clinical trials with double blind studies (especially longterm ones) And these studies should be done, or at least replicated by unbiased scientists, not ones paid by the manufacturer (or the sugar lobby for that matter)

I know I am taking a risk, eating this chemical with little long term research done on it. Maybe I should ban all artificial sweetners from my body for a month and see if I feel different.

But still, lady with an allergic reaction to it, I am sorry you got sick, but your flimsy "proof" of Splenda's danger only weakens the case against it.

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