Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Juan hardly seems to care

Well, Juan and I are cool. He has thrown my life into a tailspin, and now he is moving, but heaven forbid he just apologize and say "I'll never do it again" so I don't have to find a new roommate, and he doesn't have to find a new place. (He did say "I did wrong") but I guess I hoped for more, sooner.

He is going to give me the money he owes, and paint the room back (god- if you were going to be this decent you couldn't have just made it right so it didn't have to come to this!?!) But I think maybe he will be happier where he is going. He is going to move to his crazy, alcoholic argintine bachelor friend's house, and he expressed "concern" for me today, because I dont go out all the time, so my quiet lifestyle probably brings him down.

What I hate is how okay he seems with the whole thing. IM not okay with it, I am very upset. But he is a different bird I guess. He has a great new job and all these great things going on, so why SHOULD he care? He's a definite extrovert, and I guess I am just one person of many in his life, while he is one of few in mine (which is how we both prefer it, of course)

You know what? I am pissed at him. This has been a shitty week. Why didnt he just talk to me at the beginning of the month and tell me if there were money problems?

Oh well. Hes on his third marriage- go figure.

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