Thursday, October 26, 2006

What I taped on roomie Jennifer's door


I finally understand the point you were trying to make. The "soulless" comment drove the point home. [She had said she considered her Athiest friend soulless, but would never tell him that, so an Athiest shouldn't tell their opinions about Christianity to Christians] It doesn't matter what my intentions were, it doesn't matter if when I said them I thought they were harmless, by just stating my opinion about what I think about specific beliefs, I have been hurtful and offensive, not harmless.

They say that you should never talk about religion or politics when you first meet someone, and this is why. You can't tell what someone thinks just by looking at them, you have to get to know them first to know what effect what you say has. I wish so much I would have just followed this advice instead of having to learn it the hard way. I am ssorry for speaking so carelessly and offending you.

Sad fact of the matter is now our opinions are out in the open, and their are some things that apologies cant undo.

I am so sad that feelings were hurt but I suppose it is better that we be honest and respectful, than be smiling when there is some negative undercurrent going on. I never felt that way about you, but I could tell that you felt that about me, so at least now it is out in the open.

As a way to show respect, I am going to be less relaxd about the housekeeping and stop eating your food. Please realize it is difficult for me, so please understand when I slip up, but I will make a stronger effort.

Take Care


KansasSunflower said...

Wow! You're really trying to get along with your roommate! Was it Jennifer who said she considered her Atheist friend "soul-less"? I would have argued, too, if you were the one that argued (debated) with her. If you're a Christian, don't we all have a soul, and it's up to us what we choose to believe? I have no idea what religion you are, but saying ONLY Atheists are soul-less is pretty harsh. That doesn't make any sense. An atheist shouldn't tell their Christian friends their beliefs? Isn't that discriminatory towards Atheists? (scratching head) I'm with you on this one, Diana. I would have tried to enlighten her. I wouldn't have been able to help it. It's discrimination, the way I see it - and shouldn't you point that out? Or should you not just to keep the peace? I've lived with roommates, but we were already friends beforehand and knew what we believed, so I didn't go through this...keep me posted as to what happens!

Diana Crabtree said...

Thanks KS!

Believe it or not, it is even worse than me debating her opinion about her friend...the whole debate is because I expressed my displeasure in the pressure to be Christian, and in that I included that I think it is enough to follow Jesus' teachings, and that the belief that Jesus is your savior shouldn't matter. This, to her, was a slap in the face, because that part is the core of her faith. Shes a very sensitve girl.

I agree, its discrimination, but thats normal here when it comes to non-christian beliefs I think. If you are an athiest, it is considered an absence of beliefs, not an equally valid perspective on how to explain the universe.