Saturday, October 14, 2006

Living with me

Today I stumbled out of bed at nearly 1PM. My roommate Jennifer told me that she had cleaned the entire house this morning, including the bathroom. I asked her "why did you do that?" and she said "because it was disgusting" to which I replied "good reason" and we both laughed.

I, this week, opened the paper towels and didn't put them on the roll. I contributed to the garbage and dishes (I washed some of them at least) and when Jessica asked the day before if she could skype on my computer, I left and forgot to put my computer in the living room. (She was too polite to go in my room to get it) I take plenty of naps, and on my days off I am usually sitting around the house, hair a mess, with clothes thrown on.

It saddens me to imagine the problems this could cause in a dating relationship. In my opinion I am doing very well! I am doing as well as I ever have in my life, if you exclude the times that I took on more than I could handle.

I think Charles is very patient and understanding, I suppose I should be thanking my lucky stars to have found him. I hope so much that I will do an effective job of pulling my own weight in the cleanliness department.

I am also concerned about the heat thing. Jennifer told me this morning "I turned on the space heater because I was too cold" It seemed apologetic- but at the same time it was trying to tell me its cold.

It's not my fault that it's cold- grrrr. Or should I say brrrr.


KansasSunflower said...

Your roommate cleaned your whole house? Can I borrow her for a day? :-)

I go for a day or longer with my hair all messed up and even more. As a matter of fact, I'm sitting here on a Sunday at 1:30 and haven't taken a shower since yesterday at 10:30, and haven't fixed my hair since Friday!

Can't your roommate just get more covers for her bed? :-) And what's wrong with using a space heater, anyway? Saves money....

pinoy stupid said...

What I wouldn't give to have a roommate like yours. Nice blog. :-)