Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Night :)

No, I did not have adequate Risperdal for the last three days, my body was aching like crazy and my crankiness had become the punchline of a joke (the crew kept adding "fucking" to everything they said, it was rally funny, even if it doesn't translate to the page.)

But I took the bus home, heard some street preacher while I sat for 20 minutes to transfer busses, but then when I got to Carrie's house, I was welcomed by the dome light of my car, I had clicked the unlock button from 3 houses away :)

I went to Carrie's house for awhile, Carrie, her husband, and I watched TV and ate popcorn, and after a few hours I went home...in my CAR! The whole way home I danced and sang the "I'm driving in my car" song. It goes... "I'm driving in my car, I'm not taking the bus, I'm driving in my car, that I own, yeeeeah!" It was a great song. At the stoplights I bopped my head around to an awesome pop song, and when I got home, there was a parking spot waiting for me in the back for me :) :) :)

Now I am home, I got to see my friend, minus the feeling of being a drain (having her drive me whenever I see her) and am cozy in my pyjamas in my house :) And tomorrow it is going to snow, but if I need to go anywhere I can just drive there, I wont have to wait for the bus in the cold :)

I am happy :)

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