Monday, June 09, 2008

Torrid Affair leads to weight loss

I think I am finally ready. I think I am finally ready to do the work to lose the weight again.

The groom's brother, who was only a groomsman, not the Best man, which would be a better cliche, was so freaking hot, I can't believe it. I could be writing about the amazing wedding, being with my amazing family, but apparently my vagina has more pull on my brain than my heart.

He arrived on day two. Glasses and hat, he was the perfect nerd. I heard voices in the hallway, I had a green face mask on, and so I opened the door and said "Welcome back guys!" this was his first impression of me. The perfect first impression.

I made a point to avoid looking at him. I suppose this is the normal response when you are attracted to someone. I am very attracted to the groom, and think he's a sweetie, so I am not sure if the initial attraction was because of phermones, or just wanting my own version of the nice boy groom.

We ran into each other as a group, and I barely acknowledged Jimmy. Again, it must have been a subconcious trick to avoid letting on my feelings, or it was a subconcious seduction. Not sure. It was subconcious.

Before the rehearsal dinner, the bride and I were on our way to the elevator, and there was this handsome guy in a button down shirt and dress pants. He is my dream boy, stuffy-ish business guy. Had married written all over him. The bride said "you are ready already?" and I assumed he was some cousin, or more likely, a husband of one of the cousins. After a few minutes of them talking, I realized it was Jimmy! WOW. He looked GUUUD. My eyes went right to the hands, and I was happy to see naked, naked ring fingers.

At the rehearsal I approached him. I told him that I didn't realize he was the same person. I said "I thought you had curly hair" instead of "I didnt realize you are fucking hot." He didnt remember my name (arse) and when I told him my real name, not my nickname, that everyone in the fam calls me, he was like "Ooh, thats so beautiful" ha ha

So at the rehearsal dinner I wanted to sit near him, but not be obvious. I sat with a seat between us, hoping enough people would show up that the group would move down. Instead, a few seats were open, so I moved over, by suggestion of the bride. While there Jimmy did a sweet speech, holding back tears, his mom was crying, and instead of going around the table and hugging her, he said to her: "eat your pie." He also ate a coconut shrimp for me, even though he doesn't like coconut.

to be continued...

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