Monday, June 30, 2008

The top ten reasons stockings are better than pantyhose, by Diana Crabtree

Feel free to copy and paste this top ten list and send it as a mass e-mail, just include my name & link in it. Why? I am an attention whore, thats why.


The top ten reasons stockings are better than pantyhose...

10. If you get a snag on your ankle, you can switch the snag to the inside, and it will be less visible.

9. Your husband (or wife) will think you look sexy while getting dressed.

8. If you get a run in one leg, you haven't destroyed the whole pair.

7. It is unhealthy for your lady parts to be suffocated in nylon

6. If the phone rings while you are putting them on, you won't have the second leg dragging on the floor.

5. Using less fabric is better for the environment

4. There is no waistband to roll down, creating a sexy "Muffin Top" look.

3. If you think someone is cute, you can spread your knees apart 11 inches, and flick your tongue like Gene Simmons. (The seam of pantyhose would ruin the effect, and lets face it, would be trashy)

2. You can use the bathroom without praying that you don't snag them while pulling them up and down.

And the number one reason stockings are better than pantyhose...

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