Friday, June 20, 2008

its four am, fuck

I am writing this from my iPod. My computer is in the room, but I am supposed to be getting to sleep, so it is off. There are many factors of why I am awake, but a big one is that I am worked up from a website I posted on, and the reactions I am getting.

Last week, when trying to find info on the fate of my company, and in consequence, my livelihood, I found a hiring site, where people were asking aout starting at my company. I wrote a post about the reality about it, and I got a handfull of responses calling me negative and jaded. I can't explain how much this upsets me, I pride myself in my positive attitude and my caring for others. Peoples responses were "you are negative..." you know what, I'm not going to say them, they were so unfair, one, in the same sentence, said I thought I was too good, and maybe I am bitter because I am "only going to be a flight attendant," and am not going to do any other job in the future.

I want to know who this demon woman is! She doesn't know who I am either, but that makes it worse I think. I don't think she would have been so boldly dismissive of me in person, it hurts my feelings though, still.

What makes this really dumb is, she is probably a recruiter. I just can't fathom that when I am warning people about what it takes to survive my airline, she is writing about how rosy it is, which bugs me because I think people have a right to know, and because it makes me feel like the sacrifices I made are untrue.

I would not be surprised if I have PMS. I have to feel good that I told the truth, and the people who read it are responsible for their own choices.

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