Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Love at First Sight" or "Fun with Ethnic Stereotypes"

I truly believe that love at first sight is possible. A person falls in love at first sight, and then they start a relationship, and fall in love for real eventually. Sometimes a person falls in love at first sight, and then they dont fall in love for real, but they forget that they fell in love at first sight, so it doesn't count. So any-whoo I fell in love at first sight this week.

My racist vagina has the hots for (east) Asian guys lately. It's not that my vagina only loves Asian guys, Asian guys are just added to the list of men who I have the hots for now. Now it's up to East Asian guys, South Asian guys, Europeans, Latinos and Middle-Easterners. My vagina is very cultured.

So this week a hot as hell Asian dude was on my plane. He kept smiling at me, and looking at me every time I walked by, and I was in mad, mad love. To add to my love for him he was reading some technical looking stuff, which meant he was a smartie. I chatted with him and all of a sudden heard a Latino type accent, and when I looked at his name on the manifest, and it was Jose Wong. OH MY GOD I AM IN LOVE! Based on never-inaccurate-ethnic-stereotypes he is the man of my dreams. Smart, ambitious & hard-working, like an Asian stereotype, and lusty and passionate like a Latino stereotype. If he asked me to marry him on the plane I would have said yes.

At the end of the flight he was still hanging around on the plane when everyone got off, so I said "last one off has to clean the plane" and we chatted a moment. He mentioned, without prompting, that he is Chinese, born in Mexico, and working in the US. I gave him my e-mail address, without being subtle at all.

I havent heard from him, and I just googled his name to find, he's married! Of course he is. But you know what? I now have gotten to look into the eyes of the man I love, once again, and all the heartbreak of learning of his wife aka "the other woman" is worth it.

I miss him. Hmmmmmmmmm

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