Thursday, May 29, 2008

Living with a transexual vegan can be tedious

One thing that makes me lucky, and makes being from a minority group unlucky, is that when you are in a minority group, and are often excluded and judged, you become obsessed with whatever your "title"/identity is. I am so gayed/transed/sexismed out. If your whole life is about how sexist/homophobic/racist whatever the world is, you see nothing else. I love getting to work and not hearing any statements about gay/transexual/or "women's" issues.

But the thing that is really annoying me, is the Vegan thing. Fine, you dont eat cheese, but you wont eat rice cheese, because it has casien in it? Or you wont eat smart balance margarine, you will only eat earth balance, because smart balance might have some tiny dairy product added to it? TIRING!

Honestly, i am just having a tiring week, and I am annoyed with her, like I would be with any roommate. If she were "the average" girl I would probably be annoyed with her being shallow. I suppose I can enjoy her veganism because I can stick my nose up at it while she is sticking her nose up at my eating style ;) And, she is inspiring me to eat more vegetables, which I love.

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