Thursday, May 08, 2008

Drunk with no victims in sight

Ha ha. I am in my hotel room drunk. Not extremely drunk, but drunk enough that I just want to close my eyes and fall asleep without brushing my teeth, and drunk enough that I cant type.

My captian's birthday is today, and the F/O and I got him some cookies, I wrapped the box in maps from the flight magazine, and tied it with a bag tag. I taped it all together with pieces of bandaid, I am so awesome.

So I am sort of hot for this guy, though he is married, and just had a little girl. I am pretty certian the chemistry is mutual, because he picks on me SO BAD. I really would like to give him a birthday present...OH SHUT UP DIANA!

My hornyness has improved lately (meaning less insane.) I think I have discovered the reason for it, I have been working out more, and the sun has been out more, so all my electrons are firing.

Ok, I dont want to write anymore. I want to roll over, with unbrushed teeth & no medication, and just fall asleep. I wont do that, but I will get up and brush before it's too late.


Oh, and I loved that airport cop. He was so hot, and had no ring on. I want a NY guido so bad. Is that racist? Yes. But I'm part greek, so it's the same right? Who knows. Get this girl a fling.

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