Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Enough with the nightmares already!

I have had nightmares the last 4 nights, what gives? The weird thing is my life is going really well right now, so I find the whole nightmare thing really confusing.

Last night was the worst of them all. I lost my job. I had to go into this big process where me and another woman were supposed to compete by explaining why we should keep the job, and I did, but she didn't and she still got the job. When I asked for an explination the guy was all venemous and hateful of me & my informal way of being.

That nightmare was so bad I had to get up and get something to eat. Then, I had another nightmare! I dreamt that I had taken a plum at the airport, thinking it was included as part of a continental breakfast, but I was wrong, so I paid with a 20. Then the people told me I had to wait to get change, and after waiting so long I was going to delay the flight, I had a shouting match with them. This is 2 nightmares in one night!

My guess about the nightmares is I am probably burning more calories than I am eating, so maybe my body is protesting a little at night. I have nightmares when I am too hot, of if my nose is plugged and my mouth is too dry, so the weight loss thing is my guess. I have been excercising every other day and the recovery process of course could be causing the nightmares too.

Oh well, I guess it's better to have an awesome life and bad dreams than to have awesome dreams and a bad life.

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