Monday, January 21, 2008

You only call when you want something

I only blog when I am upset. When I have something to work out. Well I do now.

I am visiting Mo in DC immediately after my trip this week. You guys have no idea how much this overwhelms me. Packing for a trip, packing to visit someone, and having a new roommate next month. Too much. I tried to suggest we get together in February, and he said no. I should have fucking told him I can't, but I didnt. I never do.

Why don't I tell people when I can't handle social situations? Because it's rediculous. I should be able to handle more than going to work, and coming home, and having one social interaction, then what life do I have? None.

So I am sick and tired of talking to mo on the phone, though I am pretty certian he is a perfect match for me. Just in the wrong city. I am so anxious. So anxious. I cant do this.

Right now I feel like I cant even pack for work. One thing at a time. Pack for work first. Forget DC, forget cleaning for the roommate, just pack for work. Why am I angry at Linda for having thexz.ZS,sk,JZ

That is from me punching the keyboard with my fists 3 times.

I am mad at Linda for having a stupid useless potluck today, and for mo wanting me to come visit when its not in me, and stupid stay at home mommy for having a birthday

I want to die right now

You know I have the 3rd cold in months, last week at work my head was killing me. I hate life right now. No, I don't hate life, lets be honest, I hate being me. I hate being overwhelmed so easily. So freaking unfair!

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