Saturday, January 05, 2008

Britney Spears

I feel like I can write about Britney Spears, but for some reason I just cant write about my own life. I had a crazy December, I kicked out my roommate, contemplated moving, but found out the roommate is at best a flake, at worst calculated, my car was towed on Christmas, I now weigh 202 pounds, the friend I have in Uganda (who I send money to) is lying to me, and I have been very social, so I am overwhelmed, and writing in my blog is like writing a letter to a friend, and I am just tired of friends. I am mildly depressed, but hoping like hell I can pull myself out, by making good choices.

I am, in a weird way, so happy to hear that Britney has been involuntarily hospitalized. According to Dr. Drew Pinsky people are only involuntarily hospitalized that long for mental reasons, not drugs, which means they can forcibly medicate her. The poor girl doesnt know she is sick, how could she? She has never experienced reality. And in my opinion, at 16 she was sexually molested, by America and her mom. For her to be so sexy at that age is normal for a child to do voluntarily, but not to be instructed to do it. I was a sexy kid, but I didnt have 40 year old men publicly announcing their lust for me. I knew when it happened it (ha ha, I accidentily wrote "tit") would damage her, and the fame damaged her worse.

Also, Dad of the year, Kevin Federline, I am convinced that he fucked with her head royally. When did things get worse for her? When he showed up. I am sure he manipulated her, positive. And she is very vulnerable, because shes obviously nuts, and didnt have a normal upbringing.

So lets hope when she starts getting forced medication, her head will clear up enough to see what her life is, and maybe change something? I hope she will stay in a hospital for a year. For real.

So I will write about me eventually. I am doing better, I am only in a mild depression, not a major one. I am optimistic

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