Friday, January 18, 2008

A new post might be appropriate- now that you are caring for your anus

I am sure most of my regular readers have stopped reading by now. I guess Diana Crabtree has been on an unofficial hiatus, which isnt so bad.

When I started Diana Crabtree, I was very insecure, depressed, and inside my own head, but through the help of medication, therapy, and the process of writing in the blog, I am living a relatively normal life right now, managing my depression and anxiety very well. So I may not be writing as much, but that also means I am not NEEDING to write as much. I am living life instead of writing about life.

A great feat is in December, I slipped into a depression, and I have managed to pull myself out. I am not happy and in love with life right now, but then again I live in a grey, snowy climate, so noone here is really in love with life right now. But I have been eating veggies, and excercising some, and I have brought myself back up to a level where I am functioning well.

For the last two months I have been in contact with an American (finally!) man named Mohommad. He seems to be a healthy person to be in my life, and I will be visiting him at the end of January.

I am on my 4th illness in the last 3 months, so I am contemplating going back to the doctor, to make sure I dont have ebola.

The biggest news is that I am seriously looking into getting a house. Not a condo, a house. The process has started, and the market is in my favor. I couldnt be more excited, I finally feel ready.

I hope any of you depressed folks out there have gained from reading about my mistakes and successes over the years. I took an unofficial hiatus back when I was dating Charles, and I still came back. So check back every now and then. I might have some new story of debauchary for your entertainment.

Oh, speaking of...I also have a crush on a girl, and I think she might be gay and into me! Mo and I are not exclusive (my idea) but I am still not sure I want to go on that path. I am not concerned about being gay or bi, I am concerned about hurting someone, because I may not be gay or bi enough. I'll write more eventually.

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