Sunday, February 03, 2008

I can only tell you bloggy!

Oh my gosh. I cannot tell anyone this. Anyone! Why? Because if this new girl becomes my roommate, and I told someone, she would feel it, she would know...

I had a woman come to check out the room, she is a lezbot, which is cool. I actually like lesbians, they know better than to waste their time with stupid men (then again, I will take low-maintenence men over emotional, impossible to please women anytime!)

So we were chatting, and she said she usually waits a while to tell people, but she is transexual!!! I never would have guessed! She does remind me a bit of my friend's husband, but I figured that was her teeth! Weird! She sort of had a mousey look to her, but I totally thought she was chick-born.

So if she moves in, then I cant even tell Linda, which will KILL me! I need to tell someone!

Moving in aside, I have bigger things to worry about right now than a mistakenly placed penis...She is the only person I liked so far! The pickings are slim these days. I have funny stories to tell you, in fact. But I just thought of one other person I may have liked...more later (if I havent said enough already!)

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