Thursday, February 21, 2008

I'm such a racist!

I embarrass myself, really. I get the hots for ethnicities. Its redic. My latest thing has been Asians, and not south Asians, because I have had the hots for them for years, now it's many southeast asians, and more so, Latinos!

In both cases, they arent even "ethnicities" they are collections of ethnicities, but my racist vagina doesnt know the difference. It makes me feel like those men on craigslist that advertise "hung white man for Asian" are there any women who actually respond to that? How demeaning!

So yeah, right now I am hottest for Latinos. It is because of the half argentine half brazilian hotness in Miami. He is pure trouble, but I still swoon thinking about him. I was showing his myspace page to Jennifer, and we were laughing at it's pure lameness. He has the "Korn" symbol on his page, and some energy drink background, AND he has a picture of himself wearing sunglasses, with a pretty girl in the reflection, and the title says "Target Locked, waiting for launch command" EWWWWWWWW! It couldn't be lamer. Truth is, I have the hots for the guy I thought he is, (he wore glasses on the plane) but he is really a douchebag. I think I am doing ok. But if he calls (which he does occasionally) I will want to answer so bad. Maybe I shouldnt even answer. Uh.

Anywho, I think I am just horny. You should hear me talk to this first officer. I am mildly embarrassed. But not really. Mostly it's just cheezy flirting, and in a joking way.

I just want a boyfriend right now, and not for the love, but for the steady stream of sex. Boo hoo.

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