Friday, November 03, 2006

My Karmic Duty?

Today I had plans to go out with a flight attendant at my work. I thought it was plans for just the two of us, but it turned out to be a group of 4. We had fun, ate at an Italian restaurant, and flirted with the waiter.

I was to drive the flight attendant home, who doesn't have a car. She asked if we could stop somewhere on the way, and I said of course. We drove to the other side of town in rush hour traffic, then stopped at Garden of Eden for her favorite oil. After she bought her oil she said she wanted to look at the store next door, so we went in, it had nice stuff, but towards the end I let her know I was running out of steam and would like to leave, and so we did.

Then she asked if we could go to the bagel shop so she could get a dozen bagels for her trip, I said okay, and swear I sat there fro 10 minutes for her to get bagels.

So we left the Bagel shop and she said she just wanted to stop at Walgreens for pantyhose and at the Grocery store. I said okay. Again, at Walgreens I sat in my car for what felt like 15 minutes, a long time to buy pantyhose.

At least there was just the grocery store left. I went in with her, and got my own groceries. Predictibly, I did not have to rush.

I assumed this was the end, but then she wanted to stop at CVS for her thyroid medication. Werent we just at a pharmacy? Isn't the CVS across the street from your house? if the CVS is across the street from your house did you need me to stop at either the walgreens or CVS? Couldn't you get the pantyhose and bagels from the grocery store?

Sure it was my fault. I was really easy going about it, since I had just been through it, so I probably made her feel so at ease that she thought "well if I have the opportunity..."

I need to just stop with these sad cases I keep befreinding. Yes, I was a sad case, and yes, I may become a sad case again, but I am not one now, so I should save my chariy work for disadvantaged children.

The night ended on an upnote. I went to a concert with my roommate and her friend. I probably could have made out with the drummer in the band :) He was really tall and lumberjacky- and geeky. The drummer was roommate's friend's cousin, and he was asking if I had met him, in the way that you do when you are trying to set someone up.

I don't know what I would have done if I wasn't with Charles. Could I go back to making out with (okay lets be honest, sleeping with) people I am not compatible with? I feel like I could, the conquest is so exciting. It feels so fun to "win" the game and to experience the new flavor, to learn how this person kisses, how agressive they are, what their mouth tastes like. But I am an adult now, and that behavior is just too risky. I don't think I am at much risk of STDs, because I always use condoms, but there is always the risk of cold sores, violence, and uch!, psychos. I am a psycho magnet, even tonight there was a weirdo trying to talk to me and I just didn't want to hurt his feelings, fortunately roomie rescued me.

What a day.


KansasSunflower said...

I would have been mad at my friend if I were you. She could at least have come out and said "I have a few quick errands to run, would you mind helping me and I'll give you money for gas? It won't take long...". Instead, I would have felt that she took advantage of me. But like you said, she probably felt she had the opportunity...

I'm sorry you miss Charles so much...months seem forever, don't they? He'll be home soon enough, and then you can see if he's the one "forever and ever". You must really love him a lot to stay faithful.

Rich said...

I'm that weirdo who your room-mate rescued you from, wasn't I? There we were having a nice conversation and you disappeared. Dang, relegated to the level of a pyscho.

You know, you could have just said "You're a freak. Go away!"

So, still keen to catch up and have my babies?

Diana Crabtree said...


To make it even weirder, she isn't even my friend! This was the first time we hung out!

Thanks for your kind words about charles ;)

Diana Crabtree said...

That was you at the bar Rich?

I was trying to figure out who you reminded me of, then I figured it out...John Mark Karr

I sort of already said "your a freak, go away"

Here is how it went

John Mark Karr:
"Hello What's your name?"


"Do you want to know my real name, my band name or my fake name?"


"Do you want to know my real name, my band name or my fake name"

"...I really don't feel comfortable, I just don't want to have this conversation"

"DO you want to know my real name, my band name or my fake name?"

"...your real name...I guess"

"My real name is John Mark Karr, my Band name is Blizzen Blop, and my fake name is Stuart" (or whatever the hell he said) "whats your name?"


"Christina, ahhh, beautiful name"

"Diana, Do you need help? Talk to us"

G3T Films said...

I didn't say Stuart, I said SexStud!