Thursday, February 23, 2006

Kevin Federline kissed my hand

Today after leaving the plane on the way home I was blocked on the moving walkway by three young men. They moved sexily and fluidly, and smelled faintly like cologne. I knew immediately that they were dancers.

As I approached them from behind I said "can I pass you on the left?" the shortest one moved aside, and as I walked by asked me "Do you know where we can smoke?" I said "I'm going that way, I will show you." They were young, they looked 19 or 20, and I wondered if they were going to have time to smoke and still make their connecting flight. I asked them where their connecting gate was, and when they didn't know I looked on the screens and found it for them. It was on the way, they had time.

I walked with them and chatted. I asked them where they were going, and they said LA for an audition...for a movie and as backup dancers. The were coming from Montreal. We joked around a little bit, they said something and I said "Hey! The American educational system isn't THAT bad" The one who looked like a well dressed Kevin Federline (except handsome) with shoulder length hair asked me if I knew where Canada was. I said "South America" the shorter one asked me if I was kidding I said "of course" but KF didn't catch on. He was like "Canada is North" and I said "Yeah, in the northern part of South America." Eventually I was like "come on, of course I am joking- I'm a better actor than you are" but he forgot and picked on me about it a few minutes later.

When we got to the area that I was to keep going they invited me to come with them. I said sure and stood outside with them. KF decided to start quizzing me on the two letter abbreviations of my states. I got one or two wrong, and he said "I know more about your states than you do." He was being playful, but I still called him on it, I said he was deciding I was an American stereotype and bullying me unfairly. He asked me what country I hated the most. I said I don't hate any countries, so he said what government do you hate the most. I said Sudan. He asked me what I thought of the Iranian government, I said that all I know is they say they want to wipe Isreal off the map, and I don't approve of destroying entire countries. KF and the tall boy with high hair were Iranian (Persian) and the shorter boy was Eritrean.

After their smoke they invited to come with while they got something to eat. I was excited, I loved being around them and their big personalities. As we walked KF asked if I spoke french. I don't so of course they started saying french things. Of course they were making jokes, but I don't think they were unkind.

The shorter man INSISTED I got a slice of Pizza, so I finally relented. We sat at a set of tables by the gate and I asked KF to tell me what I should know about Iran. He was very smart and articulate, especially for a sexy 22 year old! I learned about Eritrea too.

Why do I have this life? How cool was my evening? How lucky am I? Very. On the way home I talked to Charles (Did I mention he is my boyfriend now? :) ) and he told me about a childrens book he is going to write a critique on becuase of it's cultural mistakes and stereotypes. And I get to have him as a boyfriend!

And tonight I got to write to a favorite e-mail buddy for over an hour. I have a great life!

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