Friday, February 03, 2006

A good bad job

I just gave a good bad tour at the museum. What I mean by that is I did a great job of doing a tour that I am NOT prepared for.

I really need to quit. I am doing this half-assed, and I need to either put the work in so I do a respectable job of it, or I need to quit, because the winging it that I am doing is a disservice to the museum and the artists.

So? Am I going to quit or not? I need to make a decision. "Not" doesn't mean not quitting but doing nothing different, "not" must mean I get to work and craft a good tour.

I really want to quit, everyone tells me I should... "If it's not fun, why do it?" So why dont I just do it? It's because it will mean I failed. I didn't rise to the challenge all the way (I did quite a bit...but I need to do more) But maybe now I want to persue school, weight loss, housekeeping, or being a better friend. I gave it a good shot, but not enough to be a success at it. I have really lost interest though.

What to do? (quit of course)

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That Girl said...

you should quit if you do not like is not worth does not mean you failed.