Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Facebook status from Toronto Jackass who wouldn't spend $10 on a pail of Kung Pao chicken for me

"It's like the second day of snow in Toronto and I woke up to find out my Mercedes truck was smashed into by some lady who slid thru an intersection. What a start to the holiday season."


All in all, it just makes me look more foolish. For letting it get this far, but I am grateful for all of the reinforcements he and the universe give me that no 9 inch penis is worth feeling so shabby. I saw a excerpt from "Celebrity Rehab" with Brandon Davis or what ever his name is, and something about his personality reminded me of Toronto Jackass. Seeing the personality on someone who is not attractive and promising me easy, good sex really helps me see more clearly.

I feel absolutely no temptation to get back in touch, which in the past was my problem. I would get irate at him, then forget about him, and then invite him over when I am in Toronto or to chat with him online. Now I don't feel irate, I dont care enough to be irate. I feel like he is trash and I am foolish to play the "rescue the wounded puppy" game when I know better.

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