Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am helping Cancer!

…Wait, that didn't come out right. I meant I am helping cancer researchers, and I am so excited! I am participating in a study called XXXXX. It involves studying the effects of exercise on hormones related to breast cancer, genetic markers, and fat percentages. They take measurements, have you exercise 5 days a week, then they take further measurements. Of course there is a control group. The control group doesn't exercise. I suppose I shouldn't complain if I get put in the control group, since I haven't exercised much since the running clinics ended, but I have felt very motivated to get my health back on track, since I am becoming more tired since putting on weight and returning to a sedentary lifestyle.

So here is what happens if I get in the exercise group… I am required to workout 5 days a week, and I get to see a trainer once a week to adjust my workout and assist in motivation! On top of that I get a free Y membership during the study! This of course is what motivated me to join, but something else has grown in me since I started thinking about it. I am actually going to help fight cancer, and help the scientific process, which has always been important to me.

This morning I was listening to NPR, and heard about new methods of funding disease research. When listening, as happens most of the time when hearing stories about diseases, I get this feeling in my gut that I wish I could do something. I can't explain how nice it is to know that I am! What is especially heartening is the requirements for the study are you have to be 20-30, never had a child, not be on the pill, and be able to commit to the parameters of the study. I was 30 when I signed on to the study, so I am one of the rare people who actually meets that criteria!

I don't have a personal relationship with Breast Cancer. My Great Grandmother died of it I think, and my mother died from an accident, too young for me to know if she could have gotten it. But having lost a mother, if I can help prevent people in the future from losing their mothers prematurely, that is close enough to my heart to be worth it.

If you are a woman 20-30 who has never had children, you should consider signing up for the study. I know you can't be on the pill, but you can ask the people in the study, you may be able to join the study after going off of the pill. Even if you can't join it yourself, if you know young women in the twin cities who meet the requirements, let them know. You can add WISER as a friend, as well as join the group. The person participating in the study gets $300 too, whether they are in the exercise group or not.

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