Monday, September 01, 2008

WHAT'S THE SCAM?????????????

You must concede I live an interesting life. Not a glamorous life, not an enviable life, but an interesting one. The way I keep my life interesting is by being open. I am a cynic, and a skeptic, but I still believe that *maybe* this person in front of me is telling me the truth. Why discount someone before you have the evidence, why not start with giving them the benefit of the doubt, and work from there?

Today, at a Holiday in in Oklahoma, a young, good looking man said something to me when I was walking from the computer room to the restroom, I did a double take, thinking he was with my company, then kept walking. On the way out I saw him at the end of the hall and said "I thought you worked for my company" He said "you're a flight attendant?" and I said yes "and he said something about most flight attendants being old and decrepid. I just shook my head and went back in the room.

From a distance he was cute, but close up he just looked like a janitor or something. He was wearing hip-hoppish clothes, so he couldnt be a janitor, but who knows. I was just thinking "well, he is a dumb ass, but I appreciate getting the attention, because a chub like me doesnt get it as much as I would like"

He ended up coming in the room and talking to me. He claimed he owned a record company. (he was like, 24) He offered me a job working on a private jet. He said he just fired his last F/A for selling drugs. He hit on me like crazy too, which was like sexual harrassment cases begging to be filed, but, again, what if it was true? Better to pretend to believe him now and maybe get a good paying job than to write him off right away, be wrong, and miss out on a good opportunity.

I am a cynic, and a skeptic, but I will be honest, he was a good liar. Not only did he have me going, I still believe him now! Is it because I hold so tightly to that dream that one day I will be "discovered" and be offered some cushy job (well I was told I had "something special" about me by a casting agent- too bad it was from NYNDM (new york name dropper man, see 2005) ) Is it that my fantasy is so ingrained in my head that I will believe total bullshit to validate this?

Why do I want to call so much tomorrow? I checked the number he gave me, it was a land-line in Iowa. STILL! I want to know WHAT THE SCAM IS!!! Why was he so convincing? What was his goal?

I have learned that a fractional jet company I have thought of applying at is hiring. It feels like this cute little guy with the saggy pants was put in my life to get me to apply. I got so excited with the idea of working around big shots, (while keeping my cool- of course) so if that is what I want, the fractional company would give it to me! But the job wont be mine without a resume!

Still, tomorrow, while I am not calling the guy, I am going to be wanting to SO BAD 'cuz---whats the scam???

AN AFTERTHOUGHT: I know now, I am not a whore. When I was seriously entertaining the idea that this clown could be for real, I stood firm in my mind that I would not sleep with anyone, even for a job making 90K a year. But. Just because I am not a whore, does not mean I am not a hoochie. I learned about myself that, if offered $90,000 with benefits, I would wear any rediculous uniform, as long as I wasnt naked. I guess a persons true colors come out when money is involved ;)

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