Saturday, August 26, 2006

next day

Well, I said today is a new day, but I carried through some of the unhealthy behavior into today. Lately, I have been getting myself out of bed at 9 (a miracle for me on a day off!) I could coax myself out of bed by grabbing my pillow and saying to myself if I want to go back to sleep thats fine, I will just do it on the couch. What ends up happening is I have put no pressure on myself to do anything, so I stay awake! I guess I use sleeping as a procrastination method.

I think that is a big reason why yesterday and today were such a step back for me. I had decided to paint the bathroom a few weeks ago, but didn't feel inspired recently. The landlord knocked on the door and said "have you wiped the walls with bleach yet? When your done my nephew here will prime the bathroom" so I did it, not being in the mood to (I only do things if I am in the mood or have a deadline-wish that wasnt the case) and now have the room all taped up, so I have to do it in the next few days. Knowing I have something to do ahead of me I think is what led me to retreat into sleep yesterday and today.

The lesson I learned yesterday was I should write about whats going on sooner so I can feel better and move on, and thats the case! I do feel better :)

I am so lonely without my charles (he left on the 14th and I havent gotten an e-mail since the 19th.) I am hopeful that this will make me spend more time with my friends and to blog more, a silver lining.

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