Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I'm hot (and a little bit nasty)

Yeah, I'm hot. I got hit on today! I have been obese for the last few years so this is such a treat. YAAAAY! While I was waiting outside before a dentist appointment some guy waved to me from his car and I waved back assuming I knew him. He walked up to me a few minutes later, an ok figure and face, maybe with a little extra beer pudge. I said "oh I thought I knew you" and he said he thought I was a girl who works at starbucks. He asked me what I was doing, and I said waiting for a dentist appointment, and then he said I had beautiful teeth. LOL. I immediately let him know I had a boyfriend and thanked him for the compliment on my teeth. He thanked me for talking to him. LOL. Even if this guy was a dork I was so flattered to have a guy coming up to me stuttering and trying so hard. It makes me feel so happy about Charles, it reminds me that I am with him by choice, that I am desired and I am picking the best there is (he really is.)

So yeah, I am hot, but I am also nasty! Soon after Tera moved in she took one of my pots to some guy she had just started seeing and left it there. When I noticed it gone I said something like "you left it at his house? You havent been together that long, that wasn't a good idea." She assured me it would be okay. It is now 6 months later, she isn't seeing the guy and I don't have my pot. I have asked for it in different ways at least 4 times. A comprable pot (which wouldn't even match the set) costs about $40 at marshall's.

Maybe she made a huge mistake and she feels really bad about it, she took something of mine without my permission and never brought it back. You would assume after doing something so stupid she would never do it again...nope. She took a piece of my tupperware, that would cost 19.50 to replace, and has not brought it back. I have asked nicely about the pot a number of times, that obviously isn't working, so I am taking NASTY measures. I have taken, without her permission, Her Chapelle show DVDs, Season 1 & Season 2. When I get my dishes back, she gets her DVDs back. She had no right to take my stuff, she obviously doesn't care, so this is something to make her care.

I want to say it in the most congenial way possible, in a way that she will agree to it. In a way that will make her feel the guilt to match her actions (I made her cry once when I pointed out her selfish self.) I don't want to look like a crazy person who gets all fired up about a couple of dishes, but I am fired up, because it's not just about the dishes, it is mostly about the disrespect. And I want my dishes!

I will keep you up to date on how the Chapelle show drama goes down. Did I mention she is moving (halleluja!) and yes, still owes me $700.

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