Monday, July 17, 2006

When you bump your head, is it a bad thing to see a flash of light?

I am in Rapid City, SD for an overnight at work. I went walking to find out what the fitness center was like and I found the opportunity for a MUCH MORE FUN workout. It involved taking off your clothes, laying back, and being roughed around while you get soaking wet. There were waterslides!!!

I decided my workout today would be sliding down the waterslides. Why not? There are 25 stairs to run up, and it requires balance muscles as you go down the slide. I went 30 times, which means I walked up 750 (right?) stairs, and so I consider it a one hour workout.

Did I tell you all that? I have begun working out as part of Weight Watchers. I was taking a few walks before, but I am serious this time. Linda and I are competing, whoever loses the most weight by the end of August gets bellydancing lessons paid for by the one who loses the least. I am pretty broke, so I really hope I win.

I think todays workout was a great idea with one exception, I bumped my head on the fast slide, so hard in fact that while in a dark tunnel I saw a bright flash of light! Pretty facinating, I bet I bumped something in the visual part of my brain, I just hope I am not injured seriously! That was a half hour and 10 slides ago, I think I would know by know if something serious happened. I will bet you anything though that I will have the headache from hell tonight, from that and from all of the chlorine forced into my sinuses.

One more thing...a rock band from EMI records was at the hotel! I have no clue who they were, I probably wouldn't know even if I heard their name, but thats pretty exciting to know, whoo hoo!

Miss you all!

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