Monday, July 24, 2006

Miss Universe

Last night I watched the last half hour of the Miss Universe peagent.

I observed how the contestents were noticibly thinner than they were a decade ago. One in particular was extremely sickly looking, but she had a face so beautiful that if you squinted, you could imagine how pretty she would be if she had a normal body.

As the group narrowed down it became obvious who would win. Miss Japan, drop-dead georgeous, irresistably charming, who also spoke 4 languages and spoke out against domestic violence when the other ladies talked about antique shops.

They picked the Anorexic! The one who was so obviously SICK was the one they picked out of the big group of the only moderately sickley women!

I am SO SERIOUSLY concerned for any girl or vulnerable woman who was exposed to that event.

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