Friday, May 05, 2006

Unfortunate Feelings

I feel so bad to say this, but when it comes to Roomie Tera, my affection is very mild. When she is happy and fun I can tolerate her sometimes, but when she is crabby, like today, I really sadly couldn't care less. This morning her brother called her and was acting like an asshole because his pass travel benefits (that she has kindly signed him up for) werent working. When he called back he was nice, and she said something like "I hate people like that, who act like an asshole and then apologize later, like apologizing will make it better. Well, a month ago I went off on her for not paying rent, a PERFECTLY REASONABLE thing for someone to fly off the handle over. I did apoligize for my mean tone later, and I am pretty sure she said that as a passive aggressive thing against me.

And she stomped around the house mad that her day is going bad, and I didn't even care. In fact I was annoyed with her for acting like a drama queen. I just find her so abnoxiously self centered sometimes. Things arent going her way, yet she lives in pretty much paradise here. I do most of the dishes, clean mostly, and she went without paying rent for quite awhile- until I blew up at her.

I don't really know why I had to write this, I guess I just wanted to let go of the negativity she has shared with me this morning. But it's still here a bit...grrrrr. Oh well.

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