Saturday, May 13, 2006

A test...passed

Oh boy I don't have time to do justice to this evening. I would love to go on in effusive detail about every moment and interaction, but I have my first homebuyer's class early tomorrow morning.

Today was Charles' friend Christopher's PhD graduation. It was the first big test of how we could fit into eachother's lives. I survived!!! Yes, I did have a moment of sitting meekly on the couch at the party, talking to no-one, but besides that short setback, I chatted with people, even the women, and had more valid conversations than just the polite smiles and nods that people feel obliged to offer everyone. Apparently someone commented on my good personality to Charles. I was so flattered.

I will say quickly, at the event after the graduation, there was a huge Kenyan feast. After that Charles acted as an MC of sorts, and people stood up and spoke about Christopher, perseverence, and stuff like that. Christopher even gave a speech. There was an annoying American guy that had too many drinks and would not stop talking, but Charles and Christopher were so gracious to him.

So far the Kenyans I have met are the most phenomenal people. There were more brains and more dedication in that room than you would find on ten American city blocks. They also have been so kind. I have yet to get a dirty or suspicious look from anyone. Tonight people (especially Isabella, Christopher's on and off girlfriend) really were kind to me and did not exclude me (any more than you would any newcomer.)

Charles was happy with how things turned out too. It was a great night.

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Rich said...

I don't have much time lately due to filming and other rubbish But just so you know, I miss you and think of you often. I hope you're happy and stuff like that.