Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Dear Tera,

When you moved in, I worked really hard to make you feel at home. I tried to play music that both of us like, politely bantered with you when I had no interest in socializing, and said "yes" to your suggestions, so you could feel like it's your place too, since a person could possibly feel like a guest if they move into a fully furnished apartment.

I let it go when you used our shared Netflix to order "The count of Monte Cristo" both discs, so there were no alternative movies to order. I let it go that you wouldn't return "Rize" or "Hustle and flow" becuase you wanted to watch them 3-10 times, meaning no other movies in our queue could come until they were returned. I even let it go that you moved my excercise DVD down the list. But for you to return my excercise CD, before I could even use it, is beyond insulting. The worst part is you owe me $900 dollars, I am PAYING 100% of the Netflix, and you had the audacity to return the DVD I chose, and havent even used yet.

You should feel so lucky you weren't here when I got home. I was so enraged that I would have probably said things you might not forgive me for. I am starting my period, and I went without medication for 4 days, but they are only the catalyst that has brought out feelings I have had built up.

I have decided to assert stronger boundaries. I should have done this right away, but I was afraid you would read it as unfriendly (perhaps a sign that I perceive weak boundaries in you.)

1. I want rent and utilities on the first of every month. It was my fault for not asking you to pay me, but if I were in your shoes I would have asked a few days before the 1st how much I owed. It's just common courtesy.

2. I don't want to pay $100 a month for full use of your car. I think you should still let me use it to get groceries, if not, you should pay for 1/2 of the internet costs.

3. Please refrain from unconstructive complaining. Saying "America Sucks" doesn't accomplish anything except impose your foul mood onto me. When I reframe things you say from negative and hopeless to empowering, it's not to cheer you up, its to protect myself from absorbing that unhealthy thinking.

4. P.S. I am not going to say this to your face, but miss, you are a student with a part time job, what the fuck are you spending $20 a month on face wash, and using MAC makeup and Aveda shampoo for? Earth to Tera, you arent rich, you cant afford that kind of luxury.

-------turns out it was under a blanket! Sure glad I didn't blow up at her!

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That Girl said...

dang Diana...what's going on....that darn roommate?
I saw this flight attendant show on the travel channel and thought about you the other day!!!