Friday, February 26, 2010

When I hadn't written in awhile- "Diana is alive"

Hey Ya'lls.

Life is pretty damn good here. The suicidally depressed Diana is very happy. I have wanted to blog now and then, but when blogger switched over to google and had a new password, I was winding down on Diana Crabtree, and so I keep forgetting how to log in! I don't know how many people still check in, but I do know that spammers have discovered my blog.

So whats new? I bought a house, I have visited Delhi, India 4 times, and am still at the airline. The depression is still in remission, I have been taking my medication consistently and practicing the things I learned in therapy (optimism and gratitude, ignoring catastrophic thinking, ignoring insulting self-talk etc)

So now I dont feel like writing anymore, but there have been a few times I wanted to but couldnt because I didnt remember the password. I really hope to blog more, because blogging is so much more fun than being productive ;)

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