Friday, September 29, 2017

✔ FW: Comunicado - Serasa Experian ID: (22639)

Sob clausula 12.288/908, do codigo de privacidade do Serasa, Seu cadastro foi suspenso Pedimos que regularize agora.

Com o certificado de seguranca em condicoes adequadas, e possivel realizar suas operacoes de desbloqueio normalmente, caso o sistema detecte irregularidades ou alteracoes no certificado de seguranca, o cliente sera notificado para as devidas correcoes.

Se suas definicoes ainda não foram confirmadas ate a presente data por questoes de seguranca suas informacoes poderam entrar em bloqueio permanente.

Deseja Desbloquear seu cadastro com seguranca.
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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Compliment and greetings of the day


I am Kevin Young, researcher/consultant of pharmaceutical product
working with a
pharmaceutical company here in London. I came across your e-mail
contact during a comprehensive web research in Indian sites and its my
pleasure to contact you for a mutual business relation and I wish this
mail will find you in good health and prosperity! I have a business
offer which I would like to share with you for a clear understanding
and adequate collaboration, hope you will find it extremely
reasonable. I do visit India previously, in respective of purchasing
some local Herbal materials for productions in our company when I was
working under the procuring department. I was promoted in a new
capacity and I will no longer visit India to purchase those materials
by myself due to my promotion but our management has assigned a new
staff whom will be coming to India any moment from now in other to
purchase the same materials from the same source. I will give you more
details about this product and also the reason why i needed your
attention as soon as I see your response through my personal email
address below and i will furnish you with every details and
procedures. Furthermore, should in case you have interest of
corporation, do not hesitate to send your personal details to further
our communications.

Anticipate hearing from you!
Best Regards
Mr. Kevin Young.