Monday, April 19, 2010

I want to take a depression nap

I feel so depressed! I am breaking up with my Gym, and it feels like a real break up.

My gym was so great! It was owned by Mark, who was a special, special guy. Honestly, even though he is physically attractive, I never felt sexually attracted to him, it was more like a brother, but I really, really liked him, he was motivating, upbeat, and most of all respectful. I may be fat, but he still treated me like I have a brain in my head.

Well to squeeze the story together, I called and talked to his wife, saying I wanted to buy sessions from Mark, because he is the only one worth a damn. Her response was "He is swamped, but I'll train you" leaving me with nothing to say but OK, otherwise I would insult her, basically saying she is ALSO not worth a damn, which, by the way, she isn't.

Long story short, I am quitting the gym. It struck me that she is having Mark take care of their kid while she trains me. I was lied to, and sadly, it's not because she is trying to further her career, it's because she thinks I want to steal her stupid husband. She is tiny and blonde and I am fat. Also, what about trust?

So my gym is gone. I have to get my guts together to quit. It feels just like a breakup...


Toronto jackass and I are "on again" and I feel more strongly for him than ever. Of course, either he is a "bad communicator" or he is passive agressive. All I know is I feel stressed that he is mad at me, which is proof that "don't bother with toronto jackass"


You know my hairdresser friend? I am so tired of her. Too much walking on eggshells. I made an appointment with her yesterday, and asked her to call me, because I dont have her number. She didnt send a message to me until later saying she doesnt have my "new number" and that she gave me hers. Bullshit. She didnt want to get together that day, and she is sneakily blaming it on me. I don't even like her much anymore (too fucking bossy) but I want my fucking haircut, and I feel like I have to go to her out of loyalty or some shit. Im so pissed.

So basically. I just want to crawl back into bed. I am fat with no gym, have no sex, and I need a haircut. Oh, and I have to work with the biggest jerk tomorrow. For 4 days actually.